Mick and Marie

Mom and dad 1933

My mom, Rose Marie Birch, and dad, Errold William Staker, were married on April 5, 1933. Eighty-three years ago today.  This is such a wonderful photo. Taken in front of Mom’s home in Wilford, Idaho.  Daddy grew up three miles away in Teton City and met at a dance. Mom was engaged. Daddy knew it was not to be.  While she was out with her beau, Daddy would hang out with her folks on the Wilford farm. Be there when she and fiance returned. Somehow he won the girl!




2 thoughts on “Mick and Marie

  1. Sweet pair of people. Your Mother was so loving and caring. Your Dad never did like me, though.
    I must have given him plenty of reasons, but first and foremost, I believe he held me responsible for contaminating your younger brother.

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